Sunday, September 14, 2014

Understanding Different Billing Models While Hiring Your Air Conditioning Contractor

When you are hiring an HVAC contractor or an air conditioning installation company you are likely to be apprehensive about the expenses involved in the installation or in repairing your heating or cooling system. Each air conditioning contractor has a different pricing model. Some of the air conditioning contractors will use hourly billing rate while others will use flat-rate billing system. As a customer, you are likely to be confused when it comes to picking a service provider based on their billing model. Which is the best billing method?

When you are hiring your heating or cooling contractor, you will certainly not want to pay more than what you should. Which will be the cheapest billing method or rather the most cost effective billing method for the customer?

If your HVAC contractor is going to use hourly rates then you will be charged based on the actual amount of time spent on the job plus any materials used for the installation or repair. One can easily talk you into choosing a service provider that used hourly rate saying that you just pay for what you get. Well, if things where that simple, then the hourly rate will be the best pricing model but let us look at some of the catches with this pricing model.

How long your service provider spends on fixing the problem with the heating or cooling system will depend on the expertise of the technicians in dealing with the specific model heating or cooling systems that you use. Moreover, your billing also will depend on the sincerity of the service provider. As you are not likely to possess any technical skills or have the time to actually monitor the job standing next to your service provider there is no way of establishing whether your technician is not trying to offset the rates by spending more time than what it should actually take for the job at hand.

Thirdly, when your air conditioning contractor or your electrical contractor makes the initial diagnosis of the issue there are chances that other components within your heating or cooling system are also damaged which the technician himself will come to know only after opening your system. In other words, you have no way of knowing how much it is going to cost you exactly to repair your heating or cooling system. The chances are that you receive a bill that is way too expensive than what you had expected. If you had known the exact bill value before you hired the contractor, you would had have the option to decide whether to go ahead with the repair or to go for a totally new system or whether you want to postpone the repair job for a later time. You get such advantages with flat-rate pricing system. Regardless of whether your HVAC contractor is going to take just forty-five minutes or going to spend an entire day, you will know how much exactly it is going to cost you. Even if your service provider has to wrongly diagnose the problem and gives you a quote to restore the equipment to full working condition, it is upon him to stick to his quote and you are completely safe.

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