Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dealing With The Most Common HVAC Problems

Homeowners often dread problems with their air conditioning equipment or their HVAC units. Homeowners are often made to believe that HVAC maintenance and repairs are always expensive which results in undue fear and concern. To evade the huge expenses, homeowners try to postpone their call to their HVAC contractor as long as possible. When this happens, problems those could have been resolved easily get aggravated calling for expensive repairs. Most of the HVAC problems will just need a quick visit by your HVAC contractor and need not necessarily lead to expensive repair as long as you give timely attention to such issues.

One of the most frequent problems with air conditioning system is frozen coil or frozen unit. Faulty airflow is one of the major culprits of frozen coil or frozen AC unit. If the airflow is not proper then it could indicate the need for filter replacement. Regular filter maintenance can save you from this issue. If you have failed to pay attention to your filter maintenance needs then you will have to face the inevitable. When you happen to come across filter replacement issues it is best to call a qualified HVAC contractor. It is best not to make any attempts on repairing your own air conditioning system. Firstly, you will need the right kind of equipment to diagnose the issues and to rectify them. Even if you are going to have the needed equipment, you should know where to look for problems.

Another frequently reported problem is faulty HVAC operational cycle. At times, your HVAC unit may fail to turn off or it could go into very short cycles affecting the overall performance of the heating or the cooling system. If your HVAC unit is too small for the given area, it will never turn off or if it is too big for the given area, it will run into short cycles. The cut off frequency will also increase if cold air is directly blown on to the thermostat. There could be number of other reasons why your HVAC unit is having faulty operational cycle. If the refrigerant level is too low and needs to be topped up then you can expect such issues. There could also be problems with the relay switches. Do not push your HVAC unit too far and if you do, you could end up with a complete breakdown. Call your local HVAC contractor immediately so that they can diagnose the problem correctly and take the required corrective measures.

The third most common HVAC problem is ‘non-functional’ external unit. The outside unit can run into problems. The fan in the external unit may not function properly or faulty thermostat could also lead to non-functional outside unit. There is nothing much you can do here on your own except to call for your air conditioning contractor.
You should establish some kind of maintenance agreement with a dependable local HVAC contractor that will take care of your ongoing maintenance needs and protect your air conditioning unit from expensive repairs and keep it running without any problem.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Understanding Different Billing Models While Hiring Your Air Conditioning Contractor

When you are hiring an HVAC contractor or an air conditioning installation company you are likely to be apprehensive about the expenses involved in the installation or in repairing your heating or cooling system. Each air conditioning contractor has a different pricing model. Some of the air conditioning contractors will use hourly billing rate while others will use flat-rate billing system. As a customer, you are likely to be confused when it comes to picking a service provider based on their billing model. Which is the best billing method?

When you are hiring your heating or cooling contractor, you will certainly not want to pay more than what you should. Which will be the cheapest billing method or rather the most cost effective billing method for the customer?

If your HVAC contractor is going to use hourly rates then you will be charged based on the actual amount of time spent on the job plus any materials used for the installation or repair. One can easily talk you into choosing a service provider that used hourly rate saying that you just pay for what you get. Well, if things where that simple, then the hourly rate will be the best pricing model but let us look at some of the catches with this pricing model.

How long your service provider spends on fixing the problem with the heating or cooling system will depend on the expertise of the technicians in dealing with the specific model heating or cooling systems that you use. Moreover, your billing also will depend on the sincerity of the service provider. As you are not likely to possess any technical skills or have the time to actually monitor the job standing next to your service provider there is no way of establishing whether your technician is not trying to offset the rates by spending more time than what it should actually take for the job at hand.

Thirdly, when your air conditioning contractor or your electrical contractor makes the initial diagnosis of the issue there are chances that other components within your heating or cooling system are also damaged which the technician himself will come to know only after opening your system. In other words, you have no way of knowing how much it is going to cost you exactly to repair your heating or cooling system. The chances are that you receive a bill that is way too expensive than what you had expected. If you had known the exact bill value before you hired the contractor, you would had have the option to decide whether to go ahead with the repair or to go for a totally new system or whether you want to postpone the repair job for a later time. You get such advantages with flat-rate pricing system. Regardless of whether your HVAC contractor is going to take just forty-five minutes or going to spend an entire day, you will know how much exactly it is going to cost you. Even if your service provider has to wrongly diagnose the problem and gives you a quote to restore the equipment to full working condition, it is upon him to stick to his quote and you are completely safe.

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

How to Hire a Heating and Air Conditioning Company

If you have heating, ventilation, or air conditioning problems or need a new system, you will need to hire a heating and air conditioning company who is specialized and licensed to work with the equipment in your home or business. Therefore, you will need to look for the best company, being able to get the best services in the market. This means that you will need to know what to look for.
Here you have a list of the most common things you should consider before starting to look for an HVAC company:
  1. References
The first thing you should look for are referrals from other people. If you have some friends, co-workers, or simple acquaintances who have used a specific heating and air conditioning company, you should ask them. This way you will be able to make a better opinion about the services in your area. Additionally, you can also ask contractors who have a better knowledge about this kind of services.
  1. License
Unfortunately there are many contractors who don’t have a state license. In order to avoid this situation you should ask first about licensing. This way you will be able to hire a professional and not just some amateur. This is important work and it will require a heavy investment on your part, and therefore you should get the best services possible.
  1. Promotions
Before settling with the first HVAC company that promises you air conditioner repair at a low price, you should assess the market and see whether you can get better offers or not. There is no need to rush things, at least not when you have the possibility to get a great deal. You just have to know what to look for.
  1. Contract
No matter what you agree on orally, make sure that you also get it in writing. This is very important for you, and therefore you should get the best deal signed and sealed. This way you won’t risk any modifications in the initial agreement. A contract is a written agreement to protect the rights of the parties.
  1. Honesty
Repairing and replacing your HVAC system can be very costly and therefore you will want to hire a contractor you can trust. This is why you should make your decision based on more than just professional experience. You will want an HVAC contractor who will be able to help and assist you whenever you need.

As you can see, these are the main things you should look for when you are considering a heating and air conditioning company. In this way you will be able to get the best services in your area without having to be afraid that you made the wrong choice. It is essential to keep in mind the fact that a little research before hiring a company will go a long way.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Air Conditioning Repair

The Air conditioner is really very helpful thing because it does not only keep the temperature of our room or our house maintained but it also provides soundless assistance. The fan also works efficiently but it produces sound and also the air flow ejected from the fan blades becomes disturbing sometimes. You cannot study or work properly in the fan air because your books or papers will keep trembling due to the air pressure. But, the air conditioner has no such issue because you will get pleasing temperature of the room without any air or noise disturbance. Well, there are so many other qualities of the air conditioner which makes it highly preferable for the home and offices also prefer it more than the fans.
Actually the air conditioner provides quick, convenient and pleasing service which cannot be expected from the fan and that is why it is becoming a trend of these days. The air conditioner is just a machine and the overuse or long time use can cause some damages or problems in it. There are so many repairing options and you will simply prefer considering the local electrician for the simple and cost worthy Air Conditioning Repair. Of course, this seems to be a good option but actually it is a risky option. Do you know why it is risky? Well, it is risky because you cannot rest assured about the service efficiency of a local electrician and that can cause more damage or sometimes these situations can also result in the higher level damage which requires the replacement of the air conditioner. So, if you want to get assured, reliable and risk free Air Conditioning Repair service then you should definitely consider the professional company for that.
Air conditioning service
And now the question is, “How will you know that the company will provide you reliable service?” Actually this is very common question and here I am sharing with you some facts that will help you to believe or judge the reliability level of the professional Air Conditioning Repair service providers.
1. License: The professional companies own a license of providing such services which can be seen on the contractor’s license official website. This license is provided on the basis of their worthiness of the service so you can trust on the service.
2. Professionalism: The professional repairing service providers will send the educated and licensed electricians which will significantly ensures you for the best results.
3. Less time: The professional service providers would not require so much time for solving the AC issues. Moreover, you can contact and deal with the company conveniently! They will give you all the services at your doorstep and all you have to do is just a call!
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Air Conditioning Maintenance

As with all other machineries, air conditioners also, require regular servicing and maintenance. Air conditioners need to run for long hours, especially in summers and if necessary maintenance is neglected, it can lead to its poor performance leaving you uncomfortable and sweaty. In addition, regular servicing prevents any major breakdown of the electronic appliance and saves a lot on your repair bill.
Why regular servicing is required?
Regular servicing ensures maximum efficiency of the air conditioner. Without proper maintenance, air conditioners have shown a decline of about 5% in their efficiency each year while increasing the energy usage. This efficiency can be restored by maintenance and thus, saves you a lot on your electricity bill.
Due to lack of maintenance or non-repair of faulty or broken parts, an air conditioner can freeze during summers leaving you in a rough situation and the air conditioner replacement or repairing will be a comparatively costly affair.
What maintenance does it require?
A regular service involves
  • Cleaning or replacing the filters
  • Checking and cleaning of the evaporator coil
  • Combing of the aluminum fins present on the evaporator and condenser coils
  • Clearing clogged drain channels
  • Checking for the correct level of coolant and test for any leakage before refilling the coolant.
  • Oiling the fan motors
  • Checking and sealing of any duct leakage
  • Checking the accuracy of thermostat
  • Inspecting the amperage draw of the compressor
  • Lubricating all movable parts
  • Confirming whether the system operating pressures as well as temperatures are as per the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Checking that the belts are adjusted well and tightened.
  • Inspecting the seal between the air conditioner and the window frame as it can be easily damaged by the moisture and allows the cool air to escape.
  • Tightening the electric terminals and applying a non-conducive tape wherever required.
As you can see, the service and maintenance of an air conditioner is a skilled task and it is always advisable to hire a professional or trained technician to do the job perfectly. Similarly, if you own an HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) system, its service and maintenance becomes all the more necessary as it is a complex system where several parts of the machine work together to cool or heat your home or business area. A yearly HVAC service ensures longer life, lower utility costs and higher efficiency.
Some do-it-yourself tips:
  • Check the filter monthly for any clogging and replace it every 3 months.
  • During the running season of the cooling appliance, weekly remove all debris such as leaves, twigs etc. from around the outdoor air conditioning unit and heat pumps.
  • Inspect the insulation on the refrigerant lines on a monthly basis and replace or repair them accordingly.
  • Every year, mix a cup of bleach and water and pour it into the condensate drain to prevent any clogging by mold or algae.
Keeping these details in mind will allow the system to run effectively. However, in case of any complaints or problems, call the technicians for immediate help as they are experienced in all kinds of air conditioning repairs.
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